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Foot massage for flat
  • Foot massage for flat
  • Foot massage for flat
  • Foot massage for flat

Foot massage for flat

1.01 KZT(1.01 EUR)

Flat-footedness only at first sight is a simple and frivolous disease. However you should not forget that foot is one of zones where the maximum quantity of biologically active points exerting impact on separate bodies and systems, and also on all organism in general contains.

One of the most widespread and effective techniques at flat-footedness is massage of feet. Thanks to it it appears as the general, and local impact on foot and indirectly on the lower extremities, a spine column, internals.

Acupressure differs from a classical type of the massage combining various receptions a little: grinding, razminaniye, stroking, etc. Influencing certain biologically active points, it is possible to regulate work of internals and systems.

Massage of feet at flat-footedness is an effective Chinese technique of fight against backbone diseases: scolioses, kifoza, and also a varicose disease of veins, eliminates muscular and articulate pains, indirectly influences digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, urinogenital, nervous systems.


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