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Cup massage Astana
  • Cup massage Astana
  • Cup massage Astana
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Cup massage Astana

1.01 KZT(1.01 EUR)

Can (vacuum) massage — one of the most widespread types of therapy among all vacuum techniques. It is the most effective way of impact on the organism based on mobilization of own resources.

The effect of vacuum represents removal of extract grease and sweat glands (urea, acetone, bilious acids belong to them). They contain in certain compositions of toxic substances and to bring them out of an organism independently pretty difficult. During creation of vacuum space by banks there is a local rush of blood and a lymph to certain sites of skin. The resource is delivered by deep fabrics — hypodermic cellulose and muscles. On sites where special cups are put, the strengthened blood circulation and food of fabrics becomes more active, stagnant processes are eliminated and toxic substances are removed. There is a relaxation of muscles, process of splitting of fatty deposits accelerates, hypostases and the injured parts of the body are quicker stopped.

As there takes place the procedure

After drawing on skin of special creams for improvement of sliding of cans, their installation and creation of vacuum sites, the expert accurately moves banks ("sliding bloodletting"), using a soft tension instead of rendering pressure upon muscular structures (as at classical massage). Most of patients at the procedure feel the weakening feelings, feeling warm influence and gradually arising ease.

Can massage has the following effect:

- blood circulation improves,

- stagnant processes in fabrics are eliminated,

- the organism leaves toxic elements,

- favorable impact on vessels of internals is made,

- pain in a back and a neck is killed,

- skin receives the strengthened food, becomes elastic, resilience level to temperature factors increases,

- sokratitelny muscular function improves, the muscular tone considerably raises, elasticity and mobility of sheaves appears,

- it is appointed for treatment and prevention of chronic diseases of bronchopulmonary system,

- the emotional background, exchange processes in an organism is restored,

- in hypodermic and fatty cellulose metabolism considerably amplifies, namely it also makes the main condition for treatment of cellulitis.

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